Industries Served

Specialized Focus,
Global Experience

At RAMS, we recognize that different industries face unique accounting challenges and demands. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses specialized expertise tailored to meet the distinct needs of various sectors. Whether you operate in healthcare, manufacturing, technology, retail, real estate, or any other industry, we are equipped with the insights and solutions to help your business prosper.

Our industry-specific expertise includes:

  • Government:
    We support federal, state, and local governments in managing significant financial resources while addressing public demands for efficiency, expediency, and transparency.

  • Healthcare:
    From medical service providers to physicians’ groups, we handle essential financial operations such as payroll, taxes, accounts receivable management, and regular financial reporting, allowing healthcare organizations to focus on delivering exceptional care.

  • Individuals:
    Executives and high-net-worth individuals rely on RAMS for expert tax planning and financial management to optimize their resources and achieve personal financial goals.

  • Not-for-Profit:
    We enable not-for-profit organizations to maximize their resources through efficient finance and accounting services, enhancing their ability to serve their communities effectively.

  • Professional Services:
    By partnering with RAMS, professional services firms benefit from precise financial reporting, optimized revenue recognition, and effective cost management, enhancing their service delivery.

  • Real Estate:
    Our deep understanding of real estate accounting provides comprehensive financial reporting, effective tax strategies, and insights to maximize profitability in a dynamic market.

  • Small Business:
    We help small businesses streamline financial processes, maintain accurate records, and manage tax compliance, empowering them to grow their businesses confidently.

  • Entrepreneur:
    Entrepreneurs benefit from our expert financial guidance, meticulous record-keeping, and strategic tax planning, enabling them to focus on core business activities and make informed decisions for sustained success.

  • Closely Held Businesses:
    For businesses predominantly owned by a small group of shareholders, our external advice provides stability and strategic guidance to navigate financial challenges effectively.


Choose RAMS for specialized accounting services that recognize and adapt to the unique challenges of your industry. With our global experience and industry-specific expertise, we are your trusted partner in achieving financial excellence and business success.