Quality Control Information

A focused commitment to quality.

RAMS is a proud participant in the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Peer Review Program. This program rigorously evaluates our audit and accounting practices to ensure they meet the AICPA’s professional standards.

Our commitment to quality control is at the heart of our audit services. Independent peer reviews are conducted every three years and RAMS continually achieves the highest evaluation results through decades of voluntary participation in this program.

For more information about our commitment to excellence, please view these most recent peer review letters:

What is a peer review letter?

In the accounting industry, a peer review letter is a critical document produced during the peer review process, which serves as a quality control measure for accounting firms. This process involves an independent reviewer—another accounting firm—examining the firm’s quality control systems and procedures to ensure compliance with professional standards and regulations.

During a peer review, the reviewer evaluates the firm’s adherence to these standards and the effectiveness of their quality control measures. The findings and conclusions of this evaluation are summarized in the peer review letter. This letter details the scope of the review, the procedures conducted, any identified deficiencies or concerns, and recommendations for improvements.

The peer review letter acts as formal feedback from the reviewer to the reviewed firm, offering insights into the firm’s performance and pinpointing areas that may require adjustments or enhancements. It is an essential tool in helping accounting firms uphold high-quality standards and enhance their overall performance.