Gardenya Duran

Gardenya Duran, CPA, CGMA

Gardenya Duran’s aspiration to explore the world of business began at the impressive age of twelve, where her love for math and puzzles naturally progressed into a passion for accounting. Her early inquisitive nature has culminated in a fulfilling career at RAMS, where she started as an intern in 2010 and has since risen to the position of Partner, offering a vast array of services to governmental, not-for-profit, commercial businesses, and construction entities.

Her tenure in the U.S. Navy as an Information Systems Technician for nine years and her experience as a Banking Representative at Bank of America provided a strong foundation for her diverse skill set. Gardenya’s dedication to her craft is further underscored by her commitment to professional development, holding a Non-Profit AICPA Certification in addition to her CPA and CGMA credentials.

Gardenya’s professional journey is paralleled by her commitment to developing the potential in others. This was joyously affirmed when she encountered past staff members at a CSMFO conference, who credited her mentorship for their success — a testament to the nurturing environment she fosters at RAMS.

For Gardenya, the essence of her work is rooted in people — from cultivating the growth of her team to ensuring clients navigate their financial landscapes with clarity and confidence. This philosophy is mirrored in her personal ethos, where family, living within one’s means, and gratitude form the core of her life’s bucket list.

As a member of esteemed organizations such as the AICPA, CalCPA, CSMFO, and GFOA, Gardenya’s influence extends beyond the firm. Her educational background from California State University, San Bernardino, where she was Vice President of Operations for Beta Alpha Psi, solidified her expertise and her zeal for the field.

Her favorite quotes from Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln reflect a belief in the fruits of diligence and the importance of character, principles that guide her both professionally and personally. At RAMS, Gardenya stands as a beacon of dedication, integrity, and leadership — embodying the firm’s commitment to service, growth, and community.