Brianna Schultz

Brianna Schultz, CPA, CGMA

Brianna Schultz’s path to becoming a respected CPA at RAMS began with aspirations in music and voice transitioned beautifully into a flourishing career in accounting, sparked by early and resounding success in her first accounting classes. Encouraged by a mentor who recognized her natural talent, Brianna shifted her focus to business, leading her to discover her true passion in the realm of numbers and financial strategy.

Her academic achievements at California State University San Bernardino were just the prelude to her professional symphony. Today, she is not just an auditor but a trusted ally and advisor, deriving immense satisfaction from guiding clients through the maze of financial regulations and helping them find clarity and direction. Her approach has consistently turned apprehension into appreciation among those she serves.

To Brianna, the core of her work transcends the daily tasks of auditing; it’s about the positive impact she has on people’s lives. She is a catalyst for change in the perception of auditors, working to transform the role into one that is seen as a cornerstone of support for improving financial practices, transparency, and reporting. Her commitment to mentoring the next generation of accountants is unwavering, whether they continue their careers at RAMS or elsewhere, reinforcing her belief in nurturing competent professionals for the greater good.

Outside the office, Brianna’s spirit for adventure shines. Traveling tops her list of pursuits, with aspirations to create memorable experiences with her family, from the auroras of the North to the historic landscapes of Europe, and to the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. When not planning her family’s next adventure or skiing down slopes, Brianna enjoys diving into books that explore the power of the human mind, such as James Clear’s ‘Atomic Habits’.

Her personal mottos range from the light-hearted race-to-the-top enthusiasm of Ricky Bobby to the profound global vision of Gandhi, reflecting a spectrum that captures her competitive spirit and desire for positive change.

As a partner at RAMS, Brianna embodies the firm’s commitment to excellence, community, and transformational leadership. Her journey from melodies to measures is a testament to the belief that with the right encouragement and a commitment to one’s passions, success is not only possible but inevitable.