Bradferd A. Welebir

Bradferd A. Welebir, CPA, CGMA, MBA

With a discerning eye for details and a heart for service, Bradferd A. Welebir anchors his professional excellence in the diverse realms of auditing, consulting, and taxation. Since joining RAMS in 2004, Brad has become a cornerstone of the firm, specializing in advisory services and audits for local governments, not-for-profit organizations, closely held businesses, and employee benefit plans.

Brad’s journey into accounting seamlessly complemented his MBA pursuits, drawing him into the profession’s multifaceted challenges and opportunities. This complexity and alignment with his academic background deeply engaged him, ultimately guiding him toward achieving his CPA and CGMA credentials.

Beyond the numbers, Brad thrives on the human aspect of his role. Whether it’s clarifying a complex business matter for a client, unveiling cost-saving strategies, or mentoring members of the RAMS team, he finds profound satisfaction in making meaningful connections and facilitating success. To Brad, being a CPA transcends data analysis, it’s fundamentally about people.

Brad’s education, a BA in Business Administration from La Sierra University and an MBA from California State University, Fullerton, reflects a commitment to lifelong learning and expertise. Brad’s professional memberships with the AICPA and CalCPA are a testament to his dedication to the field.

When not enveloped in the world of accounting, Brad is an adventurer at heart. He cherishes creating unforgettable experiences with his family, exploring the grandeur of nature, and capturing the essence of each U.S. state and Canadian province. His aspiration to visit every national park is a natural extension of his love for the great outdoors.

Brad’s personal ethos is captured in the wisdom of his favorite quotes, which remind us to persevere with zest, appreciate our blessings, and actively pursue our aspirations. While his literary tastes may find root in the rich worlds written by Tolkien, his professional narrative is firmly grounded in reality — marked by a desire to guide, support, and inspire.

At RAMS, Brad’s story is interwoven with the continuation of the firm’s legacy — a story of unwavering dedication, profound connection, and the pursuit of excellence. His professional journey illustrates not only a career built with intention and expertise but also a life lived with purpose and passion.